Newaygo County 
Spiritual Eclectics

Newaygo County Spiritual Eclectics

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The vision of Newaygo County Spiritual Eclectics is to form a diverse, educational, open-minded community for the purpose of facilitating friendships, celebratory events, and peaceful co-existence among a broad spectrum of spiritual paths and to promote harmony and healing in the global society.

Newaygo County Spiritual Eclectics is a positive, friendly Facebook group where spiritual eclectics from Newaygo County (and surrounding areas) can connect, announce events, arrange ritual, or just chit chat about daily life. Membership is easy-positive attitude, "other" religion/life status, and an open mind!

Also, check out our Metaphysical Market on Facebook where you can buy and sell your Metaphysical Goods!  Click the blue "F" box at the bottom of this page!